Thank you to Mr. Wojciech "Malina" Kowalewski and the Malina Art company for the possibility of using their wide range of percusssion and symphonic instruments on our rehearsals and concerts.


We want to thank Olga Barej for her help in creating our internet site, as well as for guest vocals on PG 'n' F Squad concerts.


We would like to thank Mr. Jakub Rogowski and Roland clothing company for the beautiful men fashion collection for the male members of our Orchestra.



    Special thanks to Miss Aleksandra Molak and Mr. Grzegorz Morkowski for English translations of our site’s articles.


We want to thank Mr. Eugeniusz Helbert for beautiful photos of the Orchestra members taken in the Palladium Club, Warsaw, 28thOctober 2010. 


We would like to thank Mr. Michał Kazimierczak, Mr. Daniel Prusarczyk and Mr. Dariusz Senkowski for Orchestra photos from our rehearsal and live concert photos.


Big thanks to Mr. Mariusz Pluta and the Palladium Club, Warsaw, 9 Złota Street, for letting us use  the concert hall for Orchestra rehearsals and the photo session. 

  Palladium logo



We want to thank Mr. Cezary Czerny, the president of Kraftman company, for the generous gift of professional music stands for the Perfect Girls ‘n’ Friends Orchestra. 

KraftMann logo

  Thanks also to Zosia Sylwin and Trójka Polish Radio for using their Agnieszka Osiecka Recoring Studio during sessions for Orchestra sections of ‘Chopin Symphony Jazz Project’ CD.


  Last but not least - we thank Kasia Plichta-Szwarc for the Orchestra’s logo project.