"Heart of Spider - Gitara i bas" Article without translation

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"Heart of Spider - Hi Fi i Muzyka" Article without translation

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"Heart of Spider - Jazz Forum" Article without translation

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"Heart of Spider - Gazeta Wyborcza" Article without translation

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"Perfect Symfonicznie w Hali Ludowej" Article without translation

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"Interview with Wojciech Zieliński" Article without translation

Wojciech Zieliński- born 15 Feb. 1955 in Józefów, composer, arranger, conductor, producer, teacher, instrumentalist. He plays keyboards. Since 1976 he cooperates with Polish Radio and Television. He is an author of innumerable arrangements and compositions for the stars of polish scene...Interview by Maciej Polański.

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"Warsaw Paris Jazz Quintet, Perfect Girls and Friends Chopin Symphony Jazz Project" Article without translation

This album is in my opinion the biggest sensation of polish phonography of today. It's title itself, compared to it's contents, could be named not after our composer, but after the project's author, Zieliński, Wojciech Zieliński.

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"Warsaw Paris Jazz Quintet Chopin Symphony Jazz Project" Article without translation

When I hear at the end of the Chopin Year a phrase "Chopin jazz-style", I feel like hiding away in the Bieszczady mountains an minig the way back. Recently so many alterations of Frederic The Great compositions were produced, that the Master himself undoubetly tosses and turns in his grave. And if he is still able to think somehow, he regrets that he did not devote his life to entertaining beautiful ladies of the aristocracy.

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Who claims that the Chopin Year did not effect in interesting records that would present the great composer's music in a new angle, will certainly change his mind after listening to this one...

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"Crowds and jazz at Saska Kępa festival" Article without translation

One could rest in the seats that in the future will stand in The National Stadium, see the photographs of famous Saska Kępa residents, inter alia Witold Lutosławski and Father Twardowski, and eventually listen to the top of Polish jazz.

Source: Gazeta Stołeczna

"Perfect Symfonicznie in Plock" Article without translation

Grzegorz Markowski with his band Perfect and Perefect Girls 'n' Friends Orchestra conducted by Wojciech Zieliński guaranteed the Plock Amphitheatre audience an unforgettable evening.


"Fun at the Płock Amphitheater" Article without translation

One of the Polish rock music legends showed up at the Płock Amphitheatre on Saturday 24th July. Despite the rain, wind and cold the atmosphere at the Amphitheatre was hot and energetic.

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"Chopin Jazz Style"

Many cities promote their native composers, e.g. Leipzig is proud of Bach. Why would Warsaw not be proud of their Frédéric Chopin?- says Dorota Chotyńska...


"Invincibles at the amphitheater" Article without translation

-Plock is invincible!- Grzegorz Markowski was warming up the amphitheatre's audience on Saturday night. Perfect in the symphonic version enchanted the Plock citizens. As usual.


"Grzegorz Markowski: We love you!" Article without translation

Saturday's evening was hard to classify as a warm one, but nobody cared about it during the Perfect and Perfect Girls 'n' Friends Orchestra conducted by Wojciech Zieliński show in the Plock Amphitheatre.

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"Cracow night full of jazz" Article without translation

FESTIVAL. "The Night of Jazz" is a very expressive part of the Summer Jazz Festival in Piwnica Pod Baranami for four years. Same as at last year's edition, the main concerts took their place on Mały Rynek scene and were run by editor Antoni Krupa - with his brand verbiage and elegance.

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"Chopin Symphony Jazz Project"

Among loads of poor in originality phonograpic productions inspired by Chopin Year, the album "Chopin Symphony Jazz Project" by Warsaw Paris Jazz Quintet and Perfect Girls 'n' Friends Orchestra conducted by Wojciech Zieliński, is an attractive surprise.

Source: Życie Warszawy

"In the atmosphere of jazz" Article without translation

"Crazy, green lilac" which Saska Kępa smells of in May, will swing in the rhythm of jazz on Saturday. This will be the sound of this year's Saska Kępa Festival.

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We have all been witness to the peculiar phenomena which are the jazz arrangements of Frédéric Chopin's compositions. Many of them are well established, functioning in the consciousness of various groups of listeners based upon the principle of the 'jazz standard'.

Source: Chopin Symphony Jazz Project booklet

"Jazzband plays Chopin- contemporary arrangement of Chopin's compositions" Article without translation

As the Chopin Year has begun (200th birthday of the Master), we could observe a widespread exploitation of classic compositions (especially events, concerts and competitions dedicated to them).This series, which has begun in January, is especially splendid and varied in the Wroclaw city. This month it's extremely interesting manifestation will be revealed. One of the events which drew attention of a classical music ignoramus (that is me) is the jazz arrangement of it.

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